Superior Excellence Enterprise Corp. Basic Final Clean Implementation Stages

S.E.E. Phase One (Rough Clean)
In the onset of the final clean project, the 'S.E.E.' team begins to remove and clean all final clean trash, refuse, and debris such as  dust, dirt, residue from  caulking applications, various taping materials, solvents, and bagged debris. All glass surfaces, such as windows, glass doors partitions are cleaned and left spot free. Corners, crevices, inset isles, and interior crawlspaces are swept, cleaned, and remaining debris set off to a general cleaning traffic area to be removed in bulk, allowing for detailed cleaning to take place.

S.E.E Phase Two (Builders Clean)
This phase is typically a re-inspection of the areas covered in phase one, where our 'punch down list' if you will, or 'scope of work' lists can be definitively checked off for completion. All horizontal and vertical surfaces including shelving, cabinets, baseboards, lighting fixtures, window sills, and floor surfaces can be diligently re-examined as well, to ensure quality, efficiency, and service delivery are above and beyond satisfactory for our general/ primary contractors.
Restrooms, cafeterias, and breakroom/ lounge areas are cleaned from ceilings to floors, including stalls, toliets, partitions, dispensers, as well as chrome fixtures, sinks, sink counters, cabinets walls and mirrors. ALL areas are given the utmost attention to detail as these rooms tend to be the staples of comfort in a client's establishment. Not only for themselves, but for their customers and visitors as well.

S.E.E Phase Three (Fluff Clean)
During this phase, all scope of work is usually completed, and is ready for the final inspection by the general contractor. This is where time and efficiency comes into ultimate play, due to the possibility of a slight 'scope of work' oversight, missed area cleans, or maybe even a last minute project that is factored in a little late. A job done substantially ahead of time allows for these caveats to be addressed and improvised upon, so that the job is still completed on time, and within budget.

Our service offerings include, but are not limited to:
  • Trash/ refuse removal
  • Cleaning of all horizontal/ vertical surfaces
  • Floor sweeping and mopping
  • Windows, sills, glass door and partitions
  • Window dressings
  • Vacuuming of vertical/ horizontal surfaces
  • Dusting of horizontal/ vertical surfaces
  • Commercial and Residential final cleaning services
  • Hard surface floor finishing
  • Restroom/ Breakroom cleaning and sanitation