It's time for America to reopen. It's time to get back into our places of business, worship, recreation, and the general activities of life, and get moving and producing again.

The question is, do we feel safe enough? What kind of safety assurances can we provide for our employees, co-workers, members, visitors, and occupants? Where is the confidence in knowing your premises are absolutely bacteria free going to come from? How long does an infection prevention, decontamination treatment last? Is the solution being used safe for our people and environment?

Answering these questions positively and definitively WILL BE THE ONLY WAY to implement an effective 'Re-entry and Sustainable Occupation' plan for your establishment. So what's the answer.....?

                  Introducing, Superior Excellence Enterprise Corp.
newest service offering....

*Permasafe Clean and Shield*

A two step, surface and air sanitation, water-based system for your facility, home-based business, or vehicle of any size and proportion.

Permasafe is EPA registered, child and pet safe, and provides 24/7 protection for your safety and peace of mind.

The Permasafe system is implemented in two phases:

• Clean Phase - A fogged-on application of PermaSafe CLEAN™ kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces and 99.9% on carpets, while also eliminating odors, allergens, mold, mildew and other fungi.
• Shield Phase - Upon application, SHIELD™ forms a Covalent Bond with the surface to which it’s applied.

Once cured, the PermaSafe 'Step 2 Shield' Covalent Bonding system will protect the 'Step 1 Disinfectant' from washing off. Unlike other common disinfectants, the Permasafe system does not kill microbes and bacteria by poisoning them with chemicals. Instead, it eliminates them through a patented 'Electro-Mechanical' process, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Permasafe is non-flammable, 100% biodegradable, abrasive-free, corrosive-free, fragrance-free, and residue-free. However, the best attribute of Permasafe is that it kills 99.99% of hard surface bacteria, and 99.9% on carpets and other porous surfaces, and is EPA registered and FDA approved.

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Permasafe's Propietary "Electro-Mechanical" Disinfection Process....